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Directory Submission | SEO | Madison WI | Dialog Marketing Services

A Directory Submission program enhances SEO by creating trustworthy backlinks from directories showing relevance to search engines. This, in turn, improves organic search results which then increases traffic which further bolsters relevance from the search engine’s perspective.

Online directory submission has been growing in popularity as it relates to improving SEO. The Google search algorithm changes in recent years have refocused attention on the types of content one has on their website and what type of backlinks they have.

Directory submission services have been around a long time. But recently, after poor backlink practices had been exposed and many websites affected through the Google updates, online business directories and citation sites have been seen as good way to add higher quality backlinks to websites and improve SEO.

The reality is using a directory submission process as part of your SEO strategy is a best practice and is only one piece of the process that will help move the SEO meter. That said, there is no doubt having scores, even hundreds of listings with identical information will allow Google and other search engines to index listings and attribute more status to your site. Additionally, with the number of mobile devices being used for search increasing, the opportunity to capture more interested prospects through online directory and citation sites exists.

The Value Of Directory Submission To SEO

Directory submission activities help maintain a higher online visibility. It is one method of competing in a highly competitive internet environment. There are millions of websites on the web, the majority do not employ effective directory submission practices to help with SEO.

Directory submission is one of the safest and best activities we can add to the SEO process. Below are a few of the advantages of using directory submission for SEO.

Directory Submission Gets Do-Follow Back Links for a Website

Directory Submission | SEO | Madison WI | Dialog Marketing Services

Your fingers are still doing the walking. Online Directory Submission practices are turning the internet into the new yellow pages and helping your SEO.

One of the most important benefits of directory submission is you will get quality backlinks for your website. Besides giving you some quality backlinks, another benefit for directory submission is some directories provide Do-Follow backlinks for every directory submission. In that way you can earn high PR & Do-Follow backlinks for your website.

You can Use your Anchor Texts Effectively In Your Directory Submission

Another benefit of using directory submission for increasing online visability is you can use a target keyword during the directory submission. Most of the directories ask for the title for your website. The title can be different from your site name. Keywords can be used for the site name. In that way directory submission can help you to rank your website for your target keywords.

Trusted Source of Back links
Directories are trusted sources for backlinks. Directory submissions are a great method for creating backlinks and backlinks imply relevance to search engines, improving SEO.

Improve your Rankings Through Directory Submission
Directory submission activity is beneficial for improving your ranking in SERP and will enhance your SEO results. Search engines regularly crawl these sites allowing directory submission looking for new and updated data over the World Wide Web.

Better Brand Awareness
Directory submission activity helps with SEO and is also a great way to make consumers aware of your brand. Actually, directories provide the content for organic searches in many cases. This increases your website’s opportunities to be read by consumers.

Directory Submission Basics In Madison WI
Directories are simply large databases, or lists, of a large number websites divided by category and sub categories. Depending on the directory, some of them take just a listing of the company and other will accept more descriptive content. They vary in whether the listing is a paid or free listing.

Directory Submission and SEO
Directory Submission is the process of submitting or listing your website in an appropriate category (and sub category) of a directory. Directory submission is best done following certain steps. The first step is to submit to the website in the correct and most relevant sub-category.

Information To Prepare For Directory Submission

The best method we have found for keeping each directory submission consistent is creating a master document and cutting and pasting with each directory submission. Use the list below to have your core information ready to go to for each directory submission.

• Business Name
• Website Address
• Business Categories (can be multiple)
• Address
• Contact First Name
• Contact Last Name
• Contact Email
• Contact Telephone
• Mobile Number
• Fax Number
• Short Description (100-150 words)
• Long Description (150-300 words)
• List of Services
• Keywords
• Number of Employees
• Business Hours
• Year of Company Formation
• Payment Methods
• Company Logo/Main Image
• Image 1
• Image 2
• Image 3

Safe Directory Submission Steps To Help SEO

After you assemble all of the basic information listed above, be sure to not let little errors limit the effectiveness of your directory submission process.

  • Always submit your website in correct sub-category – don’t stretch too much
  • Never submit your website in the wrong category – resist the “what the heck” urge to expand reach – it will be a negative, not a positive
  • Do not provide wrong Links – test all of your links on your master page – then cut and paste
  • Do not provide wrong or inauthentic content – be accurate – reuse the same post material
  • Do not submit in the directories asking for reciprocals or want their content on to be on your website.
  • IMPORTANT – The Directory Submission process is a solid, non-spammy technique to gain some authentic dofollow links for your website when done correctly. Spread your submissions out over a period of time. 500 submissions in a couple of weeks is spammy. 500 submission over 5-6 months has a more organic feel to it. Make the process a business discipline, not a task to complete immediately.

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