Reputation Management And Good Online Reviews

Good Online Reviews =
Reputation Management

Reputation management has turned into an online marketing buzzword. It can sound imposing and complicated. In reality, logistics makes reputation management possible – and sometimes impossible.

Reputation management is simply a matter of getting good online reviews in large numbers. While many focus on creating Google + reviews, other directory, review and social sites featuring good online reviews are important. The problem most companies have in the reputation management process is they often do not have the discipline or even the process in place to consistently develop good online reviews.


Why Good Online Reviews Are Difficult To Capture

Gathering good online reviews takes commitment and a process. You may ask a satisfied customer to create a review for you online and the answer is usually yes. In reality, very few of the yesses turn into a published review without proper and diligent follow-up.

Dialog Marketing Services helps businesses effectively use specially developed review software to consistently build good online reviews. The process created by using this review software creates the discipline needed to capture Google + reviews, Yelp reviews and many others. Your reputation management efforts are automated for efficiency, monitored for accountability and with archived data, allows high impact email marketing to satisfied customers.


Reputation Management Facts To Consider

  • 94% of new customers use search engines to find local businesses…
  • 70% of households use the internet as their go-to source when purchasing local products & services?
  • Over half of consumers surveyed say good online reviews make them more likely to choose a local business
  • 70% of customers trust a business with 6 to 10 reviews
  • 72% of consumers say they trust good online reviews
  • Anonymous posters are trusted as much as personal recommendations
  • Moving forward, the need for good online reviews isn’t going away. And 6 – 10 reviews are just the minimum.
  • Good online reviews are added by your customers
  • Reviews of your business are posted on search sites like Google, Local Business Directories and other review websites…
  • These sites take your average review rating and display it with your listing like a grading system to potential customers
  • When they see a company with positive reviews, instant trust & credibility will make your phone ring
  • This is great news for companies with positive reviews by their listings… and bad news for those who don’t
  • Search Engines and Directory Sites want to deliver the best search outcomes for users
  • Companies with dozens of glowing reviews are favored over companies with few or no reviews
  • More Reviews = More Money
  • A Harvard Business School study found a one star rating decrease can reduce revenues by nearly 10%. It literally pays you to stay on top of all the posted reviews about your business.
  • Bad reviews cost you real money – effective reputation management can make you money


Developing A Reputation Management Plan

Creating a reputation management process and having the discipline to harvest good online reviews takes forethought and an effective system. Our unique review software helps you consistently make customer contact, capture positive reviews and publishes them to the web. We can help make your reputation management efforts be disciplined and manageable.

Dialog Marketing Services specializes in online brand marketing. We assist clients in reputation management, SEO, internet marketing and well as web site design and optimized content development. We are located in the Madison WI area and also serve the Milwaukee, Fox Valley and Greater Wisconsin.

For more information about utilizing effective review software to improve your reputation management process, email us or call.