Spotting Black Hat SEO Services

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SEO professionals and internet marketers have many methods of achieving higher rankings for a website. However, not all techniques are considered good practices. Bending the conventional “rules” established by search engines is called “black hat” SEO services.

And, while black hat SEO is not technically illegal, it is discouraged by

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Common Black Hat SEO Services Include

  • Keyword Stuffing — Jamming as many keywords as possible into the text of a webpage, with no attempt to create useful information for a human reader. Long lists of keywords and randomly repeated keywords on a page are unacceptable practices and likely damaging to ranking of that page/site.
  • Doorway Pages – Developing individual, keyword-laden pages to rank in search engine results that automatically redirect visitors to another destination are frowned upon. Future rankings will be harmed.
  • Invisible Text –White text on a white background trying fool a search engine spider into ranking your page for terms that might not be relevant to the information on the rest of the page is a major no-no.
  • Linking Schemes – Creating new sites solely for linking back to a main site (link pyramids), or placing hundreds of inbound links on unrelated pages just to boost a specific page’s rank creates a very negative situation.

Search engines can penalize websites are found to be using black hat techniques. Pages can be “dinged” way down in search results or de-listed completely

No One is Immune From Black Hat SEO Services

Classic example; J.C. Penney got caught in a black hat SEO nightmare after the 2010 holiday shopping season, when Google found the company’s SEO firm had used a link-buying scheme (paying to place links on hundreds of spammy websites unrelated to the targeted J.C Penney page) to help the retailer achieve top rankings for dozens broad product terms such as “area rugs,” “furniture,” “home décor” and “skinny jeans.”

The Result

When Google caught on to the scam, it started dinging J.C. Penney’s rankings. In just over one week, the average position for a J.C. Penney webpage for 59 search terms dropped from 1.3 to 52, according to a New York Times report.

Good SEO Practices

Ask your current or potential SEO services vendor if they use any of these common black hat tactics. Red flags helping you avoid being victimized by black hat SEO are if a firm attempts to talk you into doorway pages, link-buying schemes, or other black-hat practices, decline their services.

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The primary source for this material is from the publication How to Spot Bad SEO Services -10 Signs that Your SEO Firm Isn’t Worth the Money – published by Hubspot