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Directory Submission To Improve SEO

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A Directory Submission program enhances SEO by creating trustworthy backlinks from directories showing relevance to search engines. This, in turn, improves organic search results which then increases traffic which further bolsters relevance from the search engine’s perspective.

Online directory submission has been growing in popularity as it relates to improving SEO. The Google search algorithm changes in recent years have refocused attention on the types of content one has on their website and what type of backlinks they have.

Directory submission services have been around a long time. But recently, after poor backlink practices had been exposed and many websites affected through the Google updates, online business directories and citation sites have been seen as good way to add higher quality backlinks to websites and improve SEO.

The reality is using a directory submission process as part of your SEO strategy is a best practice and is only one piece of the process that will help move the SEO meter. That said, there is no doubt having scores, even hundreds of listings with identical information will allow Google and other search engines to index listings and attribute more status to your site. Additionally, with the number of mobile devices being used for search increasing, the opportunity to capture more interested prospects through online directory and citation sites exists.

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