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While every local business has their own unique marketing circumstances, there is no question mobile phone search is now an important consideration in internet marketing and SEO strategies

Mobile Phone Search – Mobile Friendly SEO

Mobile phone search is the newest apple in Google’s eye. Pigeon, Penguin, Hummingbird and other algorithm updates affecting SEO and internet marketing have affected many businesses over the past couple of years – often causing sleepless nights. Here’s a heads up from the official Google Webmaster’s Central Blog about mobile friendly search.

Google Singles Out Mobile Phone Search

In the past, Google “recommended” certain ways for websites to be coded for mobile friendly use. But, they never stated it was a ranking factor. “Mobile friendly” sites have always been more of a usability issue and a best practice. However, mobile phone search makes sense from a conversion perspective. If a consumer is on the move, performing a mobile phone search, making it easy to find and read information about your business is smart. Restaurants are an obvious beneficiary of this focus. But companies with showrooms or materials pick up can also benefit from optimizing for a mobile phone search.

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SEO Needed For Organic Search Success

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SEO and Internet Marketing practices require constant activity and monitoring

SEO activity must be constant and varied. Too often businesses see that as a “pitch” used by internet marketing firms build billing and sell services. The fact is search engines are constantly adjusting their algorithms to improve search outcomes for their users. This happens daily. Not weekly or monthly, buy daily.

As a result, a variety of activities ultimately comprise best SEO practices and are needed to achieve and maintain good organic search results. The activities include, but are not limited to new content additions such as blogs, news releases, testimonials, product introductions, product demonstrations, industry news, case studies, white papers and videos related to any area of the business or related industries.

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