Client Testimonials

Capital Cartage Moving and Storage

“John was able to create a consistent look for all sales and presentation materials including our website, presentation folder, planning guide, product sheets and update post cards.”

“They told our story and helped set us apart from our competition. Dialog Marketing has been available to us over the years whenever we have needed projects done and additional perspective on marketing issues.”


Mary Hermanson– President, Capital Cartage Inc.


CTECH Aluminum Trailer Cabinets & Pit Carts

“Dialog Marketing Services helped further define our sales and distribution channels, strategies for account management and new business development materials. In defining how to support our sales efforts, we began assessing our sales and customer service staff, sales and marketing practices and identified opportunities to improve sales effectiveness. As opportunities were defined, Dialog Marketing produced the appropriate sales and marketing materials including websites, printed sales materials, dealer support & training materials and more.”

“Dialog Marketing Services can add perspective to any business development initiative with insight and a pragmatic process.”

Jim Greenheck – President,  CTECH Aluminum Trailer Cabinets


Dave Jones Plumbing & Heating

“Dialog Marketing Services has been a great resource for developing a series of sales and marketing materials to help us pursue specific markets. At a time when we were looking to develop new materials and to update our website, Dialog Marketing stepped up. John helped us to organize our messages and walked us through the process of creating everything that we needed to sell successfully.” “For ten years, Dialog Marketing has been a reliable resource when discussing sales and marketing ideas and strategies. I highly recommend Dialog Marketing Services to any company looking to improve its sales and communications programs.”

Greg D. Jones – General Manager, Dave Jones Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

dave jones bb

Printed Promotions, Inc.

“John and I met at a networking event in 2003. We got together several months later. At that meeting, we discussed our magazines and how ad space was marketed to prospective clients.

“John listened attentively and suggested numerous methods to improve the efficiency of our sales process and presentation from the ground up. John’s suggestions included updating our print materials, developing a web presentation and other sales support methods. We  incorporated many of John’s ideas into our sales process. We noticed an instant increase in sales, a trend that continues today.”

“We experienced an immediate increase in sales and acceptance of our products as a result of how they were presented and the trend continues to this day.”

“We highly recommend Dialog Marketing Services as a cost effective resource for any business looking to present their businesses positively in a manner which will increase business.”

Robert Dubester – GSM,  Printed Promotions, Inc. (dba Direct Mail Works)


Slick Rydr Trailers

“Dialog Marketing helped us package how we present our trailers and their accessories. The basic presentation we have used for years and it is a great sales tool in person and over the phone. Our brochures, website and web advertising have been effective and raised the bar in how our product is presented nationally and internationally.”

“I’d recommend Dialog Marketing Services highly for any marketing communication initiative or campaign.”

Joe Gervasi– President, Slick Rydr Trailers


The Frugal Broker, LLC

“Dialog Marketing Services assisted me in the launch of my business by capturing the essence of my concepts and initiatives and supporting them with effective marketing materials. John’s input when defining how and what to present in various support materials, was essential to minimizing wasted effort. Experience with budgeting, sales force support and other practical issues related to delivering service to our customers was helpful, and his ability to engage in specific or hypothetical situations was a great addition to the process of better serving our customers.”

“John’s knowledge of the sales process, marketing communication and business management has been a great resource to have available. I recommend John and Dialog Marketing Services to any business looking to improve its systems and increase its sales effectiveness.”

Scott Gad – President, The Frugal Broker, LLC


Total Wellness

“Dialog Marketing Services (DMS) has been instrumental in developing our sales strategy, our literature and our website for an entirely new service.  The process was simple, organized and efficient!  I had an idea of what I wanted but was unclear about what I needed; and certainly did not know how to attain it.  John Larson, owner of DMS, used his creativity, his marketing experience and his business knowledge to accomplish my company’s goals.  I gained the materials I need to attract new clients and the knowledge I need to provide them effective service and support.  John’s interactive process helped me to identify new ways to reach more clients without wasting thousands of dollars. His background as a journalist equips him with unique tools and skills; in other words, John helps you to tell the story so customers and clients will want more of what you offer.”

“John’s business knowledge along with his unique process makes DMS exactly what it is… an invaluable resource that will save you time and money through results. I absolutely recommend Dialog Marketing Services for companies looking to prosper.”


Matt Knutson – President, Total Wellness